Pictures and Pixels - Photographic Art and Beyond
National Salon 2016

György Szász



He earned his diplomas at the art history programme of Eötvös Lóránd University (2000) and the sculptor programme of the Hungarian University of Art (MEK, 2000). He defended his DLA at the latter institution in 2008. Awards: Derkovits Scholarship, Munkácsy Prize (2010). He has taught at the Vocational School for Fine and Applied Arts since 2002, and has been an assistant lecturer at MKE since 2012. Her works in public collections: Hungarian National Gallery, Miskolc Gallery. Latest solo exhibition: Pécs Gallery (2016, with Péter Lengyel, Ádám Szabó and Zsuzsa Tóth). He studies the available elements of the creative periodic table at the time the work emerges.

Wunderkammer III., (latterly reworked)

201 × 62 × 2,5 cm

Wunderkammer III., (latterly reworked)
Wunderkammer III., (latterly reworked)