Pictures and Pixels - Photographic Art and Beyond
National Salon 2016

Sára Gink-Miszlivetz



She graduated at the visual communication programme of MOME (2012), where her mentors were Gá- bor Gerhes, Antal Lakner and János Szirtes. She also earned a diploma in art therapy at the University of Pécs (2015). She works for Noha Studio and Creative Centre, and for Anderson Arts and Education Research Lab (Budapest). Her most recent solo exhibition: Memotherapy III, Fészek Galéria (2015). In her installations she explores space, objects in space, the relationship of objects and memory. She is interested in reactions and counter-reactions, which she looks upon as an endless process.

Memotherapy III.

16:00 min. looped | four-channel video installation

Memotherapy III.
Memotherapy III.